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"My new smile motivated me to make some other positive health choices in my life. As a school teacher, I feel I have more impact on my students and more interaction with my colleagues now that I have a confident, winning smile! My dental implants are very strong - stronger than my own teeth were for many years. Having the right dentist doing the work is so important, and Dr. Greenberg and his team showed me I was in the best hands."

YOUR SMILE is the first noticed feature of your face. If yours is less than perfect it just might be what's standing between you and success. Really!Studies show that attractive people get more promotions, enjoy better relationships, get more compliance and cooperation, and make prfect smile.

To create a more attractive, healthy smile, you need the right dentist.Because Cosmetic or Esthetic Dentistry is not yet an examined specialty, any dentist can advertise that they can do it. Just one look through the yellow pages will confirm this.

30 years of continued dental education, post doctoral specialty training, lecturing, researching, publishing and developing products and techniques, have earned his level of expertise in appearance enhancement dentistry and Smile Design. His methods use facial planes of symmetry to direct the dental composition. This integration results in a totality of naturally attractive facial harmony.. a beautiful smile!

If you are seeking to restore broken, damaged or poorly capped teeth, crowns,and conspicuous looking bridgework, or if you simply want to make your smile more attractive, call us at 610-520-0200. We work by appointment only. We don't give free consultations or discount coupons; we do perform quality service and stand behind our work.
Dr. Greenberg's specialty and expertise is in Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry that enhances facial appearance. This is achieved using procedures such as:

* Porcelain Veneers.
* Custom Ceramic Crowns and Bridges.
* Composite Resin Bonding.
* Periodontal Plastic Surgery.
* Dental Implant Restorations.
* Whitening Natural Teeth