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Careful maintenance will allow the dental implant to function semi-permanently.

Importance of maintenance

Even if the implant and the surrounding bone bond together, bone loss may occur in the jaw due to gum disease, which can result in the jaw becoming incapable of supporting the implant.
To prevent this situation, regular maintenance by a professional and careful self-plaque control by the patient are important.

What maintenance should be performed?

Professional maintenance

In addition to prevention of gum diseases, check for bite, and x-ray examination, stains that cannot be removed by daily brushing are cleaned.
It is recommended to receive tooth-brushing instructions, allowing for proper at-home dental care.

At-home maintenance

Daily tooth brushing and care should be performed.
There is no need for special procedures because of the implant.
Tooth brushing is carried out in same way as for natural teeth. However, as the implant is an artificial material, there is a junction area (boundary line), which is prone to be difficult to clean.
Thus, it is recommended to use an interproximal brush (coated wire part) and a dental floss together with a toothbrush.

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