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In implant treatment, an artificial tooth is commonly placed on the abutment after the implant body placed in the jawbone and the surrounding bone bonding firmly together. Therefore, it takes from 3 to 6 months to finish treatment.

Procedures for implant treatment

The commonest treatment procedures are explained here.

  • 1.A socket is made in the jawbone in which to place the implant body.
  • 2.Once the implant body is placed into the jawbone, the incision is closed.
  • 3.Over the next several months, the implant body and the surrounding bone are allowed to bond firmly together.
  • 4.An incision is made again to attach an extension (abutment) to support an artificial tooth on the implant body. Then, a mold of the mouth and teeth is made.
  • 5.An artificial tooth is produced.
  • 6.The artificial tooth is placed on the extension attached to the implant body.
  • 7.Consequently, you can achieve a natural-looking appearance and comfortable chewing ability.
  • 8.To keep your implant for a long time, at-home oral care and regular dental visits are required.

Procedures for implant treatment

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