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Implant placement without incision of the gum ridge

Implant placement surgery usually involves incision of the gum ridge.
However, the following technique allows implant placement without cutting the gums (flapless implant surgery).

Flapless implant surgery

Before surgery, a CT scan is performed to allow planning of implant placement on a computer and fabrication of the surgical template*, which allows safe drilling of the implant socket. Then, an implant is placed in the formed socket through the template without cutting the gums.

* What is a surgical template?
The surgical template is an appliance the same shape as a boxing mouthpiece, which is used as a guide for accurate placement of an implant (or implants) .

Advantages of flapless technique

  • As no scalpel is used, there is less bleeding and considerably reduced swelling and pain after surgery.
  • CT and computer simulation allows safe and precise surgical planning.
  • Surgical time and number of visits can be reduced.
  • As there is no incision with a scalpel, wound healing is encouraged and esthetics are also enhanced.

Treatment procedures

  • 1.The surgical template is placed on the patient’s gum ridge and a smaller socket (or sockets) is made for drilling according to the template.
  • 2.An implant (or implants) is placed into the formed socket (or sockets).
  • 3.If the bone condition and primary stability are good, the temporary restoration can be placed on the day of surgery.

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