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Success stories vol.1

I have become capable of chewing well, which had made me feel younger!

Name: Ms.A
Age: 55 years old
Sex: Female
Treatment area: Six teeth

Mrs. A (55 years old) loves to chat and/or take a meal with her friends. However, due to gradual worsening of tooth decay and gum disease, she has become incapable of eating her favorite foods. Therefore, she could not longer enjoy having meals with her friends.

Therefore, she visited a dental office despite hating going to the dentist. The dentist told her she had no alternative but to remove 6 teeth. It was unthinkable that so many teeth had to be removed at her age. She resisted wearing dentures because she did not want to become old before her time. Therefore, she was given an explanation about implant therapy from the dentist.

She had heard that her childhood friend Mrs. B had received implant treatment last year. She said “I had no pain at all during the operation and have become capable of eat anything. My smile has also improved.” Mrs. A decided to receive implant treatment because of the improvement in Mrs. B’s appearance.

Since implant treatment, Mrs. A can eat anything she likes, including steak and fried food, while chatting with her friends. She reported: 'My teeth which have become capable of chewing well made me feel younger.'

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