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Success stories vol.2

The costs of implant treatment were less than those of bridge treatment!

Name: C
Age: 51 years old
Sex: Male
Treatment area: Three back teeth

Mr. C (41 years old) who lost 2 back teeth due to gum disease, has been very worried about the choice of implant or bridge restoration.Implant treatment involves operations and a large self-pay. However, he wondered whether it is really better to choose a bridge.

Mr. C consulted with Mr. D. who has received dental bridge treatment.Mr. D: 'I received dental bridge treatment 5 year ago, but because a heavy burden was imposed on the teeth for supporting the bridge, the dental condition has become worse than before. Therefore, I’m thinking of receiving implant treatment.'

Mr. C: 'However, aren't the treatment costs high?'Mr. D: 'The costs of implant treatment will be higher than that of bridge treatment. But, taking into consideration that other healthy teeth may be lost due to placement of the bridge, the cost of implant treatment may eventually become lower than that of bridge treatment.'Mr. C: 'Oh, that's interesting.'

Mr. C then received implant treatment. He is now satisfied with the implants because he has obtained a natural-looking appearance and comfortable chewing ability similar to natural teeth.His teeth and gums are becoming healthier than before implant treatment with regular professional maintenance.

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