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On the day of implant surgery, an artificial tooth will be placed.
Traditional implants require a healing period of 3 to 6 months after implant placement until placement of an artificial tooth. However, not all patients are a suitable candidate for one-day implants. Depending on the conditions in the patient’s mouth, on the day of implant surgery, the patient will leave the office with a temporary crown attached to the implant. Although meals can be eaten, care is needed. It is therefore important to receive detailed explanation from the dentist.

This surgical technique: One-stage method


  • 1.Esthetic and functional recoveries are made possible immediately after surgery.
  • 2.Even if a complete denture is used, treatment can be performed with a small number of implants.
  • 3.No secondary operation is needed.
  • 4.The number of appointments can be decreased.

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